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Our Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We have identified the six prerequisites for absolute quality:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Success
  • Teamwork
  • Continuous improvement
  • Integrity

In our ongoing quest to meet these demands, we have a clear reference system for customer specifications on the basis of which we run a stringent, company-wide quality control process. Our efficient system ensures regular and effective production through flexibility, appropriate storage management, proactive and well-organised maintenance, systematic logistics and appropriate training.


From our products to our processes, working with Carmeuse ensures quality all the way down the line. We offer a wide range of specifications in lime and lime-related products, many of which are suited for highly specific applications.
At Carmeuse, we work hard to offer the highest quality product for your application. We are also developing a standard testing method to enable simple verification that the product we deliver matches that offered.

How to test your lime

Continuous improvement

Each mine and each customer has its own particular processes. In order to serve them better, our team constantly monitors the specific Key Performance Indicators which respond to our unique customer requirements. The KPIs help to set and maintain the standard required to ensure customer satisfaction, which is of prime concern to us.
Our Continuous Improvement Scheme and ISO quality compliance work means we are constantly in contact with our partners to fine-tune our offer as appropriate. Consequently, we are able to ensure an ever-improving, ever-evolving service.

Rapid response time

In some cases, we know that our customers need a rapid response time or a proactive approach. Our network is organised such that efficiency and reliability come as standard, no matter how rapid our response.
More often than not, speed is not of the essence to our customers, but our system is set up such that when that requirement arises, we are ready.

Just in Time

Our team of logisticians strive to organise the network in order to minimise stock size and latency. Our system ensures you will always have the lime you need to hand.

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