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Carmeuse has an extensive knowledge of customer products and processes which means we are able to design tailor-made products for a wide range of applications.


From reactivity to dissolution as well as size and trace minerals, Carmeuse has also developed the expertise to transport high-quality lime anywhere in the world. 
From our numerous locations in Africa and Asia, we can deliver:
•    Chemical-grade Limestone
•    Aggregate Limestone
•    Milled Limestone
•    High-Calcium Quicklime
•    Dolomitic Quicklime
•    Hydrated Lime
•    Milk of Lime
Our facilities are also equipped with the necessary tools to ground, screen and bag products in accordance with our customers’ requirements. Backed by many, many years’ experience in the lime industry, we have the in-depth knowledge to prepare just what you need, obviating the need for our clients to be burdened with transformation-related issues.

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