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Metals & mining


Carmeuse products are key components in non-ferrous mining and extraction. From recovering gold to treating copper, as well as for the manufacturing of magnesium or aluminium, lime (in various forms) is a vital part of the process. 
For each of these applications, we strive to offer products that are perfectly engineered to improve the process. From key reactivity to pH control, lime properties vary greatly. At Carmeuse and Carmeuse Overseas, we have an extensive knowledge of our customer processes and are therefore able to offer just the right product.


Specific lime-based chemical reagents are required for processes such as working with ore or the extraction and refinement of certain metals. This entails delivery of constant quantities with possible back-up sourcing, full quality compliance with manufacturers’ line design specifications, and rigorously consistent quality over the long term.

Carmeuse offers a customised range of lime solutions for processes such as pH control or buffering, direct chemical extraction of metals from ore, chemical refining, and control of the environmental impact of this sector. It also provides its customers with complete application services, such as expert consultancy and milk-of-lime operations.

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