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Without limestone or lime, many of the processes and products used in the manufacturing of steel and stainless steel would soon grind to a halt. Backed by a solid 150 years of expertise, Carmeuse is uniquely positioned to offer specific advice and a comprehensive product range – including pebbles, crushed lime and limestone – for everything from sinter plants to blast furnaces.

Quality control is a daily challenge for the steel industry. Technicians need to keep a close eye on key processes and chemical reactions, to ensure that the products leaving their plants always meet customers’ requirements.
Carmeuse offers a broad range of products for the steel industry, including pebbles, crushed lime and limestone. These are essential for companies in this field to obtain the requisite product quality, as well as minimising loss during processing, and reducing direct and indirect costs. Carmeuse also offers sector-specific advice and recommendations, for example on optimising and maintaining steel plants or on developing new products.

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