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Carmeuse Group Quarterly Report Q2 2013 Press Release

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1.Continued economic downturn is driving sales volumes down by 0.8% in crude products and by 3.7% in burnt products as compared to last year.

2.Net turnover reaches € 534.8 million for the semester of this year or a 2% organic decrease compared to June 2012.

3.EBITDA amounts to € 119.0 million reflecting a 3.3% organic improvement over last year but is impacted by maintenance costs that have been postponed to the second semester.

4.Net result shows a profit of € 30.9 million

Carmeuse Group Quarterly Report Q1 2013 Press Release

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1. Net turnover reaches € 250.6 million for the first quarter of this year or a 3.6% organic decrease compared to March 2012.

2. EBITDA amounts to € 50.5 million reflecting a 1.9% organic deterioration over last year.

3. Net result shows a profit of € 5.2 million.

4. Due to continued economic slowdown, volumes are in decline of 6.4% in crude products and 4.8% in burnt products as compared to last year.

Carmeuse Group Annual Report 2012 Press Release

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1. Full year net turnover reaches € 1,129.1 million, an organic decrease of 1.4% compared to 2011. Full year EBITDA reaches € 248.0 million, an organic growth of 5.4% compared to 2011

2. Volumes performance has been affected by the drop in demand due to global economic slowdown resulting in a 7% reduction in crude and a 5% reduction in burnt products

3. The disposal of our industrial sands operations in the US contributed significantly to the reduction of the financial indebtedness

4. Net result is a profit of € 45.3 million, as compared to a net profit of € 31.0 million in 2011.

Carmeuse Group Quarterly Report Q3 2012 Press Release

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1. Net Turnover and EBITDA figures reach € 915.5 million and € 196.0 million respectively by end September, a comparable level to last year.

2. Net result is positive at € 42.9 million compared to € 19.6 million for the same period of 2011.

3. Year to date, overall sold volumes are down by 5.5 % compared to September 2011.

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