Understanding Your Market Needs

Contaminants in your raw materials can have significant impact on the quality of your final product affecting your customer satisfaction and profits. You need to make sure your refractory bricks can withstand the high temperatures and environment of your customers’ processes. Thus, you require specific raw materials to increase final product durability and insulating properties meeting your customers’ expectations.

Equipment and corresponding processes may also need updated or replaced over time from evolution of technology or normal wear and tear. 

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Our dead-burned dolomitic quicklime is your ideal choice for uninterrupted run-time of your ceramic manufacturing process. 

DOLOPEL® (Dead-Burned Dolomitic Quicklime)

  • Material composition that meets your calcium, magnesium and purity specification 
  • Lower contaminants help to minimize imperfections
  • Burned within a high tolerance to offer physical and chemical consistency you require for cost-effective ceramic production 
  • Available in a range of particle sizes that target your proper size

Handling and Storage
Through Storage & Transfer Technologies (STT), a member of Carmeuse Group, we offer effective solutions to store and pneumatically transfer your bulk materials.

Our Network
Our network of plants allows us to get you the product where and when you need it.

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