Consistent reagent quality, complying with the process requirements, is a precondition for the smooth and safe operation of every water or wastewater plant. Carmeuse’s ability to consistently meet the exact specifications has given our customers a high degree of confidence in the quality and reliability of our products, thanks to:

  • Our highest quality control standards during manufacturing.
  • Our fully equipped laboratories, ensuring that we meet every specification for every customer.

Big remediation projects require large quantities of binders, which must be supplied through on-time delivery. Here costs can be controlled and operations streamlined by selecting the best transportation option, and by providing adequate on-site reagent storage. Carmeuse provides reliable and on-time delivery thanks to:

  • Strong relations with truck, rail, river, sea and lake carriers.
  • A broad network of transportation terminals.
  • A full staff of customer service specialists, providing the best connection between our customers and the right Carmeuse expert.

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