In the circular economy concept, waste and by-products are considered to be valuable resources. In our activity fields, this applies to many by-product types and reuse or recovery paths, such as:

  • Coal combustion products (ashes, desulphurizing gypsum) reuse in construction and remediation.
  • Biosolids reuse in fields as organic amendment.
  • Thermal recovery of combustible waste and by-products.

Carmeuse operates hundreds of lime kilns and several binder blending stations. 
We can reuse the following by-products or recovered waste:

  • Solidified coal sludge as recovered fuel in our kilns.
  • Coal combustion products as a compound of our blended binders.

Carmeuse runs reclamation works in 50 quarries in Europe. Besides this experience, our application experts have comprehensive knowledge of by-product treatment and reuse. They can also provide you with consultancy services and design support in:

  • Stabilized coal combustion products reuse in construction and remediation works.
  • Solidified/stabilized sediments reuse in construction and landscaping.
  • Lime-treated biosolids reuse as soil amendment in agriculture.

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