Our expertise in production, operations and supply chain coupled with an extensive range of value added services: customer service, technical support, customization, equipment, storage solutions and digitalization makes our offering unique.

Carmeuse pursues acquisitions and joint ventures to generate growth and position itself in attractive markets and locations. Carmeuse has acquired lime and limestone companies while also expanding into services and solutions.  

We impact everyday life: our products are commonly and extensively used in many of the things we take for granted every day: roadways, dams, railways, buildings and homes, electricity, drinking water, powdered milk, paper and much more. In other words, what would we do without lime & limestone?

Carmeuse will continue to drive efficiency in its operations, always in a responsible manner. Will consider the long-term impacts of its decisions. Will not seek to maximize short-term gain when doing so compromises its future. Carmeuse will proactively work to maintain its equipment in a responsible manner and to replenish its reserves to ensure the long-term operation of its quarries.  


We provide a number of benefits for various applications and markets.

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