Building & Civil Construction Benefits
Most notably, our products are used in masonry and plaster mortars with an inherent quality of making them “breathable.” This quality provides healthy conditions and environments within structures and dwellings. 

Environmental Benefits
From clean air and water to soil remediation, our mineral-based products affect the world in which we live in a positive way. 

  • AIR-the treatment and removal of harmful flue gas emissions from boilers, steam generators, process furnaces, and incinerators. 
  • WATER-the purification of liquid runoffs and discharges from many industrial manufacturing processes. 
  • SOIL-treating soils that have been contaminated by industrial byproducts and waste or sludge generated by intensive agricultural production. 

Industrial Benefits
We remove impurities from the ores of non-ferrous metals such as gold, copper and aluminum. 

In agriculture, our products are widely used as a soil stabilizer and as an additive in animal feed. They  also eliminate the mineral and organic impurities in the production of sugar. 

Commercial Benefits 
In being an essential product in all of the commercial uses highlighted in this section, we continuously supports the economic development and growth of many businesses, manufacturers, service sectors.