For SDG 3 on the Carmeuse Overseas sustainability agenda 2021 – Good Health & Well-Being, we organized various awareness sessions. As part of this, Chaux de la Teranga in Senegal organized 3 sessions around drugs, sexually transmitted diseases, and early pregnancies, as these are significant issues in the Bandia region, where we are located.

We were able to organize these sessions with the help of the network of young peer-educators of Popenguine (REPAP) and the health district of Popenguine.

Firstly, a radio program was broadcast on, Sen Radio, the community radio station of Sindia.

Secondly, we organized an advocacy campaign in the schools of Bandia and Sindia, where the highest number of early pregnancies were recorded.  Nearly 750 students took part in the sessions. Thanks to the school management, we were allowed to hold the sessions during school hours, increasing the reach of the program.

Thirdly, an “awareness caravan”, addressing these issues, travelled around the areas of Popenguine, Sindia, Guéréo and Bandia and saw active participation of the youth, parents, community relays, Bandia health-personnel and the village notables.