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  • Published On: February 23rd, 2024Categories: General

    The 10th Edition of The Belgian Night in Cape Town was a resounding success! This captivating event invites you to indulge in delectable [...]

  • Published On: October 23rd, 2023Categories: General

    Please enjoy the latest news of Carmeuse Overseas

  • Published On: September 11th, 2023Categories: General

    TerraCalco is a product blend of lime, limestone, and dolomite that enhances the fertility of agricultural soils. Carmeuse Overseas [...]

  • Published On: June 30th, 2023Categories: General

    On 24 May, approx. 200 people attended the official opening including her Royal Highness, Princess Astrid of Belgium, together [...]

  • Published On: June 21st, 2023Categories: General

    Handyman's Lime in Zambia, a lime production plant managed by Carmeuse Overseas, recently received a much-needed upgrade. After several [...]

  • Published On: June 21st, 2023Categories: General

    Carmeuse Ghana (CLP) must be doing an outstanding job. The company regularly receives nominations for Ghanaian Industry Awards, here are two remarkable examples. [...]

  • Published On: June 13th, 2023Categories: General

    Every year during the Mining Indaba week, Carmeuse together with 3 other Belgian partners, host what is called The [...]

  • Published On: April 6th, 2023Categories: General

    We are pleased to share our latest news video, showcasing some of the events held by CMO in 2022. [...]

  • Published On: February 21st, 2023Categories: General

    Apart from being seen on our packaging, the Carmeuse Overseas logo can be spotted in many different places.  One such [...]

  • Published On: September 20th, 2022Categories: General

  • Published On: August 24th, 2022Categories: General

    Carmeuse Senegal (Chaux de la Teranga) was recently honoured by the visit of Mr Pierre-Yves Jeholet, Minister President of the [...]

  • Published On: August 1st, 2022Categories: General

    We are pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Burkina Faso. The office will be based in [...]

  • Published On: July 20th, 2022Categories: General

  • Published On: June 20th, 2022Categories: General

    Nowata Limited (Nowata) and Carmeuse Overseas (CMO) are pleased to announce the commencement of a partnership, enhancing their mutual [...]

  • Published On: March 1st, 2022Categories: General

  • Published On: December 16th, 2021Categories: General

    We are fast approaching the final days of 2021, so it is the perfect time to look back and [...]

  • Published On: October 21st, 2021Categories: General

    The women of Handyman’s Lime, Ndola, Zambia, wanted to share the story of baby girl Annie. Annie was adopted [...]

  • Published On: October 14th, 2021Categories: General

    In line with our action under SDG 4, to support schools near our operations, Carmeuse Cote d’Ivoire is proud [...]

  • Published On: October 4th, 2021Categories: General

  • Published On: September 28th, 2021Categories: General

    After six months of very intensive works, the whole team of Carmeuse Tunisie is proud to confirm that the [...]

  • Published On: September 8th, 2021Categories: General

    Please meet Juliet Jere, 30 years old, working at Handyman’s Lime, Zambia. She joined the company in 2017 as [...]

  • Published On: July 14th, 2021Categories: General

    Carmeuse Overseas believes strongly in offering opportunities to newly graduated students. This is an integral part of our Sustainability [...]

  • Published On: June 23rd, 2021Categories: General

    CMO is proud to introduce another member of its African network: Carmeuse Trading & Services Mauritania (CTSM), created in [...]

  • Published On: June 14th, 2021Categories: General

    After Carmeuse took over the management of Handyman’s Lime in 2017, certain key areas of investment were prioritized, with [...]

  • Published On: May 9th, 2021Categories: General

    In September 2020, I joined Carmeuse Ghana (CLP) as a graduate to acquaint myself with knowledge and skills in [...]

  • Published On: May 5th, 2021Categories: General

    Carmeuse liaison office in Guinea opened in January 2021. It is enlarging Carmeuse Overseas network in West Africa by getting [...]

  • Published On: May 4th, 2021Categories: General

    Maxwell previously worked at Space FM in Tarkwa, as a Radio Presenter and then moved to Carmeuse Lime Products [...]

  • Published On: May 4th, 2021Categories: General

    For Leila, quality, health, safety and the environment (QHSE) are inseparable and are factors in the performance of a [...]

  • Published On: May 4th, 2021Categories: General

  • Published On: May 4th, 2021Categories: General

    This year will be Benson’s 5th year with Handyman’s Lime in Ndola, Zambia.  He started at Handyman’s Lime as [...]

  • Published On: April 8th, 2021Categories: General

    Carmeuse Overseas is pleased to announce that we have acquired, on the 31st of March 2021, the SOCHA lime [...]

  • Published On: March 24th, 2021Categories: General

    In 2019 Carmeuse Overseas brought TerraCalco to Africa, to improve the soil structure and increase the productivity of the [...]

  • Published On: March 5th, 2021Categories: General

    Carmeuse Overseas has been servicing our clients (mainly gold mines) in Côte d'Ivoire from our plant in Ghana for [...]

  • Published On: February 26th, 2021Categories: General

    At the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, 3 Plants from Carmeuse Overseas took it upon themselves to sponsor various [...]

  • Published On: February 8th, 2021Categories: General

    In 2018 our Ghanaian branch, CLP, embarked on a quest to produce eco-friendly bricks using local materials, such as [...]

  • Published On: December 21st, 2020Categories: General

    Carmeuse Overseas is proud to announce that our Ghanaian branch  (Carmeuse Lime Products – CLP) received the ‘First Runner [...]

  • Published On: November 23rd, 2020Categories: General

    In order to be closer to our customers in Western Africa, mainly the gold mines, Carmeuse Overseas has started [...]