Our annual Health Day event is a day welcomed by all employees. On this day, the teams enjoy a variety of sport activities together. The event encourages people to be more active and creates more team cohesion. It is a day of fun and laughter, forgetting the daily job for a few hours and enjoying quality time with teammates.

What happened this year:

  • Zambia: Handyman’s Lime began their day with a 5km run, followed by a short aerobics warm-up and some fun games such as tug of war, pass the water bucket etc. After a short break, the serious games began—time for soccer, netball, and volleyball.
  • Ghana: CLP organized a not-so-easy warm-up with aerobics exercises and a volleyball competition between 5 departments. On the side lines, there was the option to play golf, snooker, table tennis, and some penalty kicks on goal.
  • Côte d’Ivoire: After an aerobics warm-up and yoga cooldown, the team battled it out in a bow and arrow contest. Afterwards, it was time to try out some kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding.

Some other teams, like Senegal and Tunisia, will enjoy this day in the coming months.