In Senegal, Chaux de la Teranga worked closely with Bandia’s Toddler Hut and the Bandia Elementary School. Our team is currently painting the Toddler Hut and has already distributed some didactic tools. More equipment will be handed over by the end of the year.
At the Bandia Elementary School, we have started a reinforcement program, which is providing additional hours for each class in mathematics, English and French.

We are also proud to mention that the Bandia Elementary School, representing Senegal, won the Wiki Challenge this year, an international contest in which 10 African countries participated.

In Mauritania, Carmeuse Trading & Services is working with the Nessiba1 school, where infrastructure works are ongoing. In the meantime, we have distributed medical packs which include supplies for both Covid 19 and Malaria.

We will keep sharing our projects in the different countries in 2022.