In 2020, Carmeuse Overseas decided to no longer distribute calendars but instead spend the money on tree planting instead. Tree planting is also part of our Sustainability Agenda 2021. After review with the different African plants, we are pleased to announce that the following tree planting actions have been done or planned to be done soon.

Zambia: A total of 2,000 trees planted around the plant

Ghana: 250 trees will be planted in Takoradi and 250 trees will be planted in Bolgatanga

Cote d’Ivoire: 2,000 trees will be planted in cooperation with a reforestation program and a cocoa cooperative.

Mauritania: 300 trees will be planted once a site has been selected

Senegal: 1.000 trees will be planted on the Day of the Environment (5 June)

Furthermore, in Senegal, a jatropha trial project is ongoing with the goal of producing biofuel from the jatropha oil. The first phase of the project is underway with 33,000 young plants in our nursery. Once mature, these plants will be transferred to a field and we are proud to say that nearly 5,000 have been transferred up to date.