Triathlime is a CMO initiative, which started in 2017. It was initiated with the idea of bringing people together, improving team spirit, to get people moving, moving is good for your mind and most importantly, the reward – sponsoring social projects.

CMO employees are divided into teams of approximately 10/15 people each, with each team named after an area where CMO plants are prominent.

Triathlime has become an annual tradition within CMO, starting each year on the 1st of January and ending on the 30th of June. We decided to make it an annual tradition as it proved extremely successful the first year…..all had great fun, everybody participated and everyone enjoyed it.

The “Ironman Challenge” initially comprised of swimming, running and cycling and a few years later sportive walking and hiking were introduced.

Each team wins a prize, but the team with the highest score receives a trophy together with funds to put towards a school project in the winning team’s area.  We have so far sponsored a few schools with much needed text books, exercise books, chalk boards etc.