Please meet Juliet Jere, 30 years old, working at Handyman’s Lime, Zambia.

She joined the company in 2017 as a cleaner, working for our sub-contractor in charge of cleaning the offices.  Juliet however had a vision, after seeing the large equipment at work, at our premises; she too wanted to operate these machines.

Juliet thought about her options and found a training program that would suite her needs. She asked the company for support to facilitate the payment for the course and applied for a loan, but when the company realized her dedication and willingness, her course was fully paid for by the company.  In March 2021 Juliet enrolled in a 20 day training program to learn how to operate a forklift. She believed it would be better to start with a smaller machine, before moving on to the bigger ones. She successfully completed her course, and she received her forklift driver’s license in April 2021.

Juliet is now the only female forklift driver at Handyman’s Lime, and is well respected by her colleagues. She loves her new position, and finds it very interesting and fulfilling, all while keeping her dream of moving on to bigger machines in the future.

Juliet hopes to be an inspiration to other women, colleagues, and friends. Her moto is clear: if a man can do it, so can she!