The women of Handyman’s Lime, Ndola, Zambia, wanted to share the story of baby girl Annie. Annie was adopted earlier in the year during a visit to the Kansenshi Correction Centre. This visit happened in line with the celebration of International Women’s Day. Usual celebrations could not take place, and therefore, the women opted to visit the Correction Centre instead to give moral support to their fellow women in prison. The world often forgets the plight of these women and children. On the day, our amazing women’s team decided to adopt a baby girl, Annie, who was born in prison and was only 18 days old at the time of the visit.

Thanks to their adoption initiative and the support of Handyman’s Lime, the women could provide Annie with her basic needs, such as infant formula and nappies. But the women did not stop there, and they took it upon themselves to contribute part of their monthly earnings to support Annie’s daily needs.
They are very happy that Annie, and her mother of course, have been released from the Correction Centre and that Annie is a very healthy baby.

Their visit was finished with a company-sponsored lunch, a comfortable environment where they can and discuss matters affecting women, to bring to senior management’s attention.

The Handyman’s Lime Women hope to inspire the rest of the women of Carmeuse Overseas to plan their own event for 2022.